A downloadable game for Windows

Hopefully I will finish this game so the storyline will make sense for now please enjoy and feel free to give me feedback! :)


GameInDevelopment1.zip 16 MB


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Very good game, I'm proud.

Good first build. My only question is, what happens to the pimpkin? He turns into an evil man (spoiler alert) and then...? Can you give me insider developer info on things to come? 

Game is 2/10 right now, but when pimpkin has more lore I will adjust my review. Music is very good. I'm enjoying the heck out of it. Please release a soundtrack? But do not release if you are not copyright holder, this is an ILLEGAL move.

Thank you for reading my review.



Hey I finally had a chance to try this out. I'm intrigued by the story although it seems a little bit scattered right now. I liked the music a lot it made the whole thing seem a bit more unnerving. I also really enjoyed much of the art too.

Thank you so much it means a lot! :)